Is Coaching for Me?

" This discovery frees and empowers you to take the steps that will transform your life into one that embodies your definition of happiness and success. "



Steph Chu is a coach who specialises in working with women executives who want to climb the corporate ladder without compromising their lifestyle.  She is passionate about working with women who want to break through the glass ceiling.  However, Steph also realises that life is not just about work or career.  This is why she also offers life coaching which focuses on all aspects of life eg. personal life, relationships, health, emotional wellness etc. 


Coaching, unlike counselling, is about looking forward. Steph will work with you to achieve your goals and dreams instead of delving into the problems of the past. Steph believes that each woman has the necessary tools to achieve success and abundance in this lifetime.


Why do I need a coach?

A coach will not tell you what to do. Instead, Steph will work with you to create your personal success holistically, through an intensive approach focusing on various dimensions of your life goals – career, relationships, family, health etc, depending on your concerns.


She will help you to analyse their thoughts, beliefs, values etc, and to help you discover more accurately what you want and how you can go about getting it. Through this analytical discovery process, you will also uncover the self-limiting beliefs, habits and perspectives you might have acquired subconsciously over the years.


This discovery then frees and empowers you to take the steps that will transform your life into one that embodies your definition of happiness and success. The coaching process also builds in an accountability process for you and Steph to review your progress and revisit your goals at each milestone.


Why should I work with Steph?


From her rich experiences as a consultant to various international financial firms worldwide over the last decade, you can gain new insights and perspectives on building your career, family, relationships, health and all aspects of your life. Her extensive network of contacts also means that, should you require additional resources and services (eg. financial, health, legal etc services) to achieve your goals, she can refer you accordingly, or simply walk you through your own journey of helping yourself. 


If you want to get from where you are today, to where you want to go, the fastest way is through coaching.  Coaching is like building a bridge that brings you to a destination that was previously inaccessible.


If you are tired of trying various ways and means and only making small changes to your life, if you are ready to examine and transform your life at the most fundamental levels, if you are ready to empower yourself for breakthroughs, contact Steph today.


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