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Steph Chu is a Leadership Coach who specialises in working with senior women professionals who want to build High Performance Teams.

Up, Up and Away
Up, Up and Away

Growth is Important
Growth is Important

Like Clockwork
Like Clockwork

Up, Up and Away
Up, Up and Away

About Steph



Steph has spent 16 years in Accenture, gaining a reputation as a fire-fighter who saves projects that are falling behind.


She does this by building and leveraging the peak performance of her teams. 


Steph is also the author of, soon to be published, “Building High Performance Teams for Women Leaders - How to build teams that consistently over deliver"

Why Coaching?



Coaching has been shown to be very beneficial as it helps individuals find clarity and purpose in their lives and jobs.


Organisations that appoint coaches for their top employees are in the fore-front as they recognise the effectiveness of coachng in bringing out the best in their employees and improving their productivity.




Steph offers two types of coaching:


1) Executive Coaching - for women leaders who want to be more effective at their jobs and want to fully harness the productivity of their teams


2) Life Coaching - for women who would like to improve themselves on a more wholistic level


"Through Steph's coaching, I have been able to elevate my performance to the next level.  I went from being the new team member to a trusted advisor to the client.  The client now values my opinion and will consult me before making major decisions."


- VS, Accenture, Singapore



"I would have quit my job if Steph didn't coach me through the difficult times.  She was able to help me see that the stressful days were temporary and that my attitude will help me to overcome all obstacles."


TZ, Manager, Accenture, Jakarta



"In my work, I constantly prioritise, plan and project manage. Life Coaching with Steph has supported me to bring those skills to my private life. She has encouraged me to get focused - she has helped me to recognise and prioritise some life goals from the overwhelming list that was just holding me back - and to develop clear steps to implement those goals. She has helped me break things into achievable steps, while encouraging me to be keep on track and be accountable. Steph is warm, generous and supportive - even when I have struggled and hit walls, she has supported me to feel progression on a weekly basis.

I look forward to working further with Steph to achieve some key life goals that have felt so out of reach - and to concrete in the learnings I have had through working with her to ensure I have the skills to always be progressing and living my life to its fullest.”

- Donna, Social Worker, Brisbane, QLD, Australia



"I started off not knowing what & where I want to study, not knowing where my future goals lies. During coaching, I've learnt to set up my own goal and read it to myself daily before I sleep. During the coaching sessions, I've learnt what my forte is and how I can nurture it to attain my goal.


My Goal: I want to graduate in an Honour Degree in Management with the University of Manchester with a First Class Honours.

Now, I'm almost reaching my goal. Finishing the last module and convocation in a few months' time.”


- Mel , Business Analyst, Singapore